Are you looking to find a quality vehicle that allows you to save? We have many used cars available here at Space Coast Honda. Looking for one that is lightly used or you get the guarantee it has only had one owner? We have a special collection of those as well that we've verified for you, giving you the chance to find a one car owner vehicle in areas like Rockledge and Cocoa!

One car owner vehicles means exactly what it says: there's only been one owner previous to you potentially purchasing it. That has a lot of benefits of course. You are able to buy knowing that only one other person has driven it, and with the quality options we provide to those at Space Coast Honda, you can be assured it was a quality vehicle and well maintained.

This of course also opens up a broader range of possibilities too. Many of these one owner vehicles might classify as a certified pre-owned option depending on if it meets the standards of Honda or any other brand we carry in our used lineup. Additionally, some are off-leases so you know that they are recent and have modern features and amenities that you'll find desirable and make your drive throughout the area better.

When you shop this collection of one owner vehicles, another benefit is that if it's not a recent model year option and might have some miles on it, you know that with one owner, there was some good care involved. A quality car with regular service and attention to when repairs need to be made will go the distance for you, and you know that with this collection, these one owner used cars, especially older options have likely achieved that.

Of course, there's also the savings that you'll find on these choices. We all know when you buy a pre-owned vehicle you save on costs over buying new in many instances, and you get more variety too. You can shop for sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers and SUVs whether they are from Honda or multiple brands here in one place to find the right choices based on what you're seeking. That could be price, mileage, vehicle type, onboard features and all else in between we have a lot of confidence that we can find you the right choice in this collection. We'll take you out on test drives and help you make that determination every step of the way.

We're also here to help you find the right financing and get the vehicle you desire at a quality rate no matter which one you choose, with the help of our finance team. All your vehicle needs are met here at our dealership serving Viera West, Cocoa West and Rockledge so come see us at Space Coast Honda and check out our one owner vehicle collection soon!

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