Sell Us Your Car

We will buy your car even if you don't buy ours!

Sell or trade your car in Cocoa, FL, in as few as 3 quick, easy, no-hassle steps:

sell your car to space coast honda

1. Bring in Your Car

We'll buy it regardless of make, miles, or condition.

sell your car to space coast honda

2. Get Your Written Offer

It's fast, free, and there's no obligation.

sell your car to space coast honda

3. Sell Us Your Car

Your offer is good for 7 days.

How Space Coast Honda Appraisals Are Different

  • Fast and Free - Your appraisal can take less than 30 minutes and you are welcome to watch while you wait.
  • No Obligation - We will buy your vehicle even if you do not buy ours.
  • No Appointment Needed - Bring your car in for an appraisal any time we are open.
  • Our Appraisers - They are specially trained to evaluate the cars we buy.
  • The Written Offer - It is good for seven days.
  • Fast Payment - If you sell us your vehicle, you will receive a bank draft on the spot!

Sell Us Your Car FAQ

1. Do you accept trade-ins?

Yes. In fact, we will buy your car even if you do not buy one from us.

2. Will you buy my car?

Once your car has been appraised, we will give you a written offer that is good for 7 days. And you are under no obligation to buy one of Space Coast Honda's cars if you sell us yours. If you decide to sell us your car, be sure to read our checklist of what to bring with you.

3. Can I get my car appraised online?

You must bring your car to Space Coast Honda to receive an appraisal. To determine your offer, one of our appraisers will need to inspect and test drive your car. When we are done, we will give you a written offer good for 7 days.

4. What happens to the cars Space Coast Honda buys?

Even though we will buy any car, only about half of those bought by Space Coast Honda will ever be sold to the public. Each car must pass our rigorous inspection before we will consider it for our lot, and cars that do not meet our high-quality standards are sold at auctions to other dealers.

5. Will you explain how you appraised my car?

If you have questions about the appraisal of your car, speak with the appraiser who deleloped the offer. Our appraisers can proived a thorough explanation about the factors that influenced your offer. Start now by contacting a Sales Consultant.

6. Why is your written offer different from retail prices?

Our appraisal offer vary from retail prices for several reasons. Due to the costs associated with reconditioning and applying for guarantees and warranties on the cars we purchase for retail sale, we must purchase the car at a lesser amount than what we will sell it for. All cars that we purchase for retail sale, regardless of condition, must undergo a thorough 125-point inspection* and be reconditioned to meet our high-quality standards.

*Space Coast Honda does not guarantee a recall-free vehicle

How We Determine Your Offer

Your offer begins with our expertise

Any dealer can estimate used car values, but few have the appraisers who:

  • Undergo special training
  • Average 5 years on the job
  • Average 5,000 vehicles appraised
  • We have appraised over 10,000 vehicles.

How we determine your offer at Space Coast Honda

  1. Simply bring your vehicle to Space Coast Honda - no appointment needed
  2. Our car appraisers will put your car through a detailed evaluation. The appraisal can take as little as 30 minutes and includes:
    • A test drive
    • A thorough inspection that takes into account:
      • year, mileage, make, and model
      • condition inside and out
      • aftermarket parts and/or modifications
      • options and features
      • frame or flood damage
    • Checking your vehicle's history report
    • Comparing your vehicle against current market conditions, such as national sales trends and auction data.
  3. After all of the information has been analyzed, you will be presented with a free written offer good for 7 days.
  4. Complete the sale or think it over - after it is appraised, selling your car to us can take as little as 20 minutes and you can walk away with payment in the form of a bank draft in hand.

Your offer - it is not just an estimate

Unlike some online estimators that provide you with a ballpark figure or dealers that only buy certain cars, a Space Coast Honda appraisal is more than an estimate--it's an actual offer of payment.

What To Bring With You

  1. Your car's title or payoff information - all titleholders should plan to be present. (If any person listed on the title cannot make it, please visit our FAQs.)
  2. Valid current registration to confirm ownership.
  3. Valid state-issued photo ID for all titleholders.
  4. All keys and remote(s) - if original keys/remotes are missing, it may result in your offer being adjusted.

* Required items may vary from state to state. If you have any questions regarding what to bring with you, contact us before visiting.

* If you don't have all of the required items, we may still be able to complete the sale. We will guide you through the process and help make arrangements to gather what is missing.

After the sale

Space Coast Honda will issue a bank draft made payable to the name(s) listed on the title. The bank draft must be deposited and cannot be cashed. Consider contacting your bank for information on their hold policy.

Contact us to get started

For questions or to speak with a Sales Consultant about setting up an appointment to have your car appraised, contact us at (888) 711-9671.