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Honda cars are reliable. Even then, you still need to ensure that you take extra measures to protect your vehicle for its longevity. You can create a maintenance plan with your dealer and follow the manufacturer-recommended guidelines for service as outlined in your owner's manual. We invite you to schedule service for your vehicle at Space Coast Honda in Cocoa, FL.

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    Why Schedule Routine Maintenance?

    Honda vehicles are reliable, but they still need routine maintenance to offer the durability that the manufacturer intended. With routine servicing, you will keep your vehicle warranty active. You can also avoid an unexpected breakdown as you travel around Cocoa West.

    Schedule routine service from the comfort of your home by using our digital appointment form. We aim to keep your Honda vehicle in pristine condition for safety, longevity, and convenience. You can also stop by our Cocoa, FL service center for maintenance and repairs.

    Common Automotive Services We Provide at Space Coast Honda

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    Oil & Filter Change

    If you drive a Honda vehicle, you'll notice that the Honda Maintenance Minder System indicates when your vehicle needs an oil or filter change. Mechanics handle the oil and filter changes based on the model of your vehicle and the recommended oil weight.

    Cabin Air Filter

    A technician checks the pollen filters in the cabin of your car to ensure that you remain protected with clean air. Your vehicle may need a new air filter to prevent outside contaminants from entering your car's cabin.

    Air Intake Filter Service

    Like in the case of oil changes, the Maintenance Minder System detects when you need to change the air intake filter service. The technician inspects the condition of the filters and changes them as necessary.

    Tire Rotation

    You should rotate tires every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. The Maintenance Minder System may notify you when the tires need rotation with Honda vehicles. Rotating tires ensures they wear evenly, and your vehicle always stays balanced.

    Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

    Check your owner's manual to see when to perform automatic transmission fluid changes. Normally, your vehicle needs this service after about 30,000 miles. Better still, the Maintenance Minder System may also notify you when service is due.

    Differential Fluid Changes

    The Maintenance Minder System indicates when you need to change the differential fluid. It would help if you did this every 30,000 to 60,000 miles or as indicated on the vehicle's manual.

    Brake Fluid Changes

    The Maintenance Minder monitors brake fluid and notifies you when you need to replace it, or you can discuss this service item with a trusted technician. You generally need this service every four to five years.

    Battery Service or Replacement

    Our Honda service team will inspect all the parts of your current battery to see if we can service the terminals, cables, and circuitry. However, most car batteries last three to four years, so you may need a complete replacement.

    Multi-Point Inspection

    During scheduled maintenance, a technician inspects all the parts of your Honda vehicle to ensure everything is in good condition. The multi-point inspection will ensure the longevity and safety of your vehicle.

    Other Services to Consider

    Are your belts, hoses, spark plugs, or connections needing replacing? You can trust us to handle even the smallest components of your vehicle with care.

    Service Specials

    It's easy to save time when you schedule online.

    You can seek repairs from our dealership near Merritt Island for glass, body parts, tires, and normal wear and tear. Your extended warranty may not cover these items, so it's a good idea to check with a trustworthy service center. A good repair shop offers genuine Honda parts and accessories to ensure that your vehicle operates as the manufacturer intended. They will choose the correct oil weight and the right factory parts for the efficiency of your vehicle. Watch the Honda Maintenance Minder System, as it will tell you exactly when your vehicle needs repairs. If you follow a strict maintenance schedule, your vehicle will operate optimally for many years.

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